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As Jones made her way upstairs to the VIP section, she approached R. "I said, ' Oh I'm so upset, because this is one of the first concerts I've ever missed,'" Jones tells Rolling Stone. Jones says that after she texted Kelly from the bathroom, he replied, saying to always call him "daddy" ­– never call him Rob.

"And he was like, ' Well you've seen one, you've seen them all.'" Jones says he then invited her to the next stop on the tour, which took her aback. Worried that any continued interaction that night would look unprofessional, Jones says she decided to take off.

"I'm thinking, ' I know he's not inviting me.' On the inside, I'm freaking out a little bit," Jones says. "I was just like, ' I'm outta here,' beeline to my car," she recalls. She'd been working in radio for more than five years and was used to being around celebrities.

Around 3 a.m., Jones says Kelly called her to ask where she had gone, following up with a text that read simply, "Sin pic."The night would begin, according to Jones, a two-year relationship with Kelly rife with alleged physical abuse, sexual coercion, emotional manipulation and a slew of draconian rules that dictated nearly every aspect of her life. And while Kelly denies the allegations to Rolling Stone, over the course of multiple interviews with Jones and others familiar with her situation, what emerges is a detailed account of her relationship with Kelly and a firsthand look at life in the singer's inner circle.

She says as the singer began to confide in her more about past traumatic events like the deaths of his mother and childhood girlfriend, she began feeling protective of him.

If people knew who he really was, thought Jones, they'd be more sympathetic.

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She had sent Kelly "racy photos" while he was en route to the hotel and was excited to reunite face-to-face. If this were a "regular guy working at CVS," says Jones, she would've been furious.

"They knew not to talk to me or help or anything," she says.

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