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14-Nov-2017 22:59

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I get to read questions from you guys every single day, and a lot of you ask about how to have more confidence and how to learn to love yourself. To be completely honest here, I don’t have small boobs, so I’m not going to pretend to understand what you guys feel like when you write about it.

For whatever archaeological timeframe that is chosen there are _always_ sites either not yet in exsitence or if in existence are unoccupied (deserted).Waking up to a bra smothering you because it's pushing your boobs so hard you can't breathe? On top of that, make sure to compare their candid photos to their professional magazine pictures - you'll notice that their chests are much smaller in real life. Don't just look at photos of Kate Upton or Sofia Vergara and feel miserable about your boobs. You'd maybe find it easier to find clothes that fit well, but beyond that, it wouldn't change you that much, besides maybe giving you a bit of a confidence boost.