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The worst thing about working alongside Batman was seeing him get hurt. AKA the time Bruce got hurt and Tony met the Justice League for the first time. When you do something that hurts so many people, it's not enough to tell yourself you did nothing wrong. As always, Dave is there to help him step back and see things from a better perspective. Tragedy prompted Gideon to show up at Hotch's doorstep three years after his abrupt departure from the team.

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Favorite Character: A tie between Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds, Jack Shephard from Lost and Bruce Wayne from the Dark Knight Trilogy.

To be honest, I have no idea how many of you were able to read the original versions, let alone enjoy some of them, but I'm immensely grateful you did because the lovely feedback and support I received are the only reason I continue writing and posting fics. A Library Vignette…in which Bear stashs a treasure, Finch is unhappy, and Reese tries not to laugh. After a horrible day at the mall, JJ's left feeling trampled, both mentally and physically, But Hotch has a surprise for her on Christmas Day that makes it all better. JJ laments over her best friend's choice but quickly learns that the grass always seems greener on the other side. Dave felt compelled to warn Aaron of both the bonds of matrimony and that of the true deposition of his wonderful peach of a fiancé.

I'm currently in the process of doing a major rewrite of all my Criminal Minds stories and fix some issues with the Person of Interest ones. Canon; Takes place after Bad Code (Episode 2.02); POV Reese Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. With the help of an old innkeeper, the team find a way for Hotch and JJ to still be with their sons on Christmas Eve despite being stranded in a small town due to an ice storm. CCOAC March Madness Challenge Pinch-hit for Wraith Ink Slinger, David Rossi/Aaron Hotchner, Quantum Leap. Following Haley's death, Hotch has to hire someone to look after his son while he's away.

I recently took the time to skim through some of them, and I have to admit I was a bit ashamed of what I found. **WINNER: BEST POST-EP - 2012 PROFILER'S CHOICE CM FANFIC AWARDS**Following the death of George Foyet and Haley Hotchner, Aarron Hotchner faces the return to work and will resume the position of Unit Chief that he had temporarily given up.

It wasn't just the grammatical mistakes (which I was kind of expecting), but so many other things like the pacing, structure, and even characterization. It's Halloween and Garcia has chosen the team's costumes. CCOAC halloween piece Post Ep for 5x01: "Nameless/Faceless" Dave's point of view on the events that changed his friend's life forever. In the evening hours, two men mark this rite of passage.It's their first vacation as a family with Aaron and Jack, and Dave has one hell of a learning curve. Will Rossi's comfort and guidance lead her to confess? But when the two cases become too much alike, questions are raised as to whether Hotch shot the right man 9 years ago, or is covering up mistakes. Rossi tries to peel back some of the Unit Chief's layers, trying to distinguish Aaron from Agent Hotchner when things get to be too much for the team leader. Rated for language.***SPOILERS*** Season4 finale & first casting call for Season5. He's twenty-four now, lives in Gotham City under a fake name and has been working at a small coffee shop owned by Virginia Potts for the last few years. *THREE SHOT*During a public event, Bruce makes a mistake that might endanger his image as an airheaded playboy.

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