Sex chat lines for bisexual women

23-Dec-2017 22:18

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Because heterosexuality is the norm, it usually blends in to the social background unless something specifically emphasizes it.

Bisexuals are frequently invisible as bi, often mistaken as homo or heterosexuals, and either marginalized from or absorbed by gay and lesbian communities.

These free-floating bisexual women waiting to be snagged into an existing relationship are rare enough to be called “unicorns” or “hot bi babes,” and the couples that seek her are termed “unicorn hunters.” In her most exaggerated form, the unicorn is an attractive single woman in her mid 20s, eager to move to the couple’s dilapidated farm in rural North Dakota to care for their children (but not get pregnant herself), work in the fields, clean their house, be their sex toy, remain silent when it comes to the couples’ relationships, and disappear whenever it would be inconvenient to explain her presence to the couples’ family or friends.

Many couples who approach poly communities seeking the unicorn are disappointed by the glaring absence of women lining up to be vetted for inclusion in their relationship.

I want you to know that I intend no biphobia and do not think that all bisexuals are polyamorous, or that poly people are slutty (some are and embrace the identity, some are not).

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Another possible reason that bisexual women are so highly valued among poly communities could be the scarcity of available or “free-floating” female partners.

This stereotype is one of the most cumbersome for bisexuals to resolve for others, which explains the amount of biphobia present in both heterosexual and homosexual communities.

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