Running man gary and ji hyo dating Perfectgirls cams

07-Jan-2018 14:33

i just started watching this & i can't stop, no wonder this is no 1 in SK, great cast, writing & i can go on & made me laugh, cry & a combination of so many things!My weekends are definitely not the same without it. Every couple has their own love story and that's what makes this drama worth watching.I will especially miss Min Hyo Won's mum's dramatics. There is no over dramatic problem, yet it has best-written characters. They have their own version point of views and it makes them different.crews i can't get over it & wished this was extended to 100 episodes! i'm having the withdrawal angst about this but the one good news is that the lead actors LDG & JYH are dating in real life!

What is best in this drama is that it showcases family life, and the causes of its downfall without being preachy.

It was recently featured on our OMNI network broadcast here earlier in the year, must have gotten picked up from the high ratings in SK as mentioned in these posts.