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“But I didn’t want to be in the car business,” he says.“[Former Chrysler boss] Lee Iacocca was actually the reason I got into the RV business. They will negotiate and I will give them what they want as long as they follow the rules.” Sean Daly is a veteran entertainment journalist. She feels that since Frenchie knows about Rocco, Rocco needs to know about Frenchie. I would probably marry Rocco and I am anti marriage (for me, not everyone else). Sonja basically says about Frenchie, “shit happens.” Every time Ramona talks I feel like she is impersonating Amy Phillips. As much as I want to get the hell out of here, the logistics of doing it is overwhelming. Dale is a hot mess and a huge attention seeker masked by a lot of pretentiousness and manners. Speaking of manners, Dorinda brings a hostess gift, the traditional housewives scented candle that has been passed around like so many fruitcakes during the holiday season. Oh please bring her back as a friend who goes on vacation with the girls. How much does Bravo get paid to mention the Regency? He and Missy have a conversation where it is clear Harry is trying to make Tom look bad and Missy is butt hurt she didn’t get to marry him. It’s like a dog with a collar.” Um, this is a great analogy. Tinsley has some TV therapy that seems all too real this time. Wait, Tinsley and Carole went to the Winter Wonderland Ball at the Botanical Gardens and all we got were a few seconds of crappy flashbacks? Carole wants Tinsley to cut and dye her hair and do a total change. These scripted scenes with Sonja and Frenchie are cute, but not worth recapping. Sonja goes to see Rocco in a bakery and bar in Hoboken, NJ. I think Ramona’s apartment looks amazing but who styled her in that ponytail. Of course, Carole, the girls’ girl points all of this out in her confessional along with saying essentially that the decor was too youthful to reflect Ramona’s true style. I watched a bit of Tinsley’s old reality show as research when I saw her coming on RHONY. Tinsley immediately let’s Harry know her mother is present at the party. And Tinsley is apparently friends with Kelly Bensimon. Harry says that Tinsley’s necklace, looks lovely on her chest. He tells Luann that she has met Missy once before at the Regency. Because Bethenny needs a couple of mountains between her and Ramona. Can’t she have a little bit of happiness now without the pack of hyenas continuing to feed? But Sonja has to knock Carole’s toast for some mean-spirited bullshit. She basically says we all dragged her during her engagement and now she is married. Carole makes a trite toast to friendship and everyone joins in the toast in an effort at peaceful resolution.At its peak, the business generated ,000 in weekly sales.But since Barron passed away in 2012, his two sons, Jonathan and Andrew, have been feuding over how to run the operation and revenues have reached an all-time low.

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Dorinda is making polite conversation with the instructor so Ramona naturally interrupts and orders him to fetch her a beer. Once the full crew is assembled, Bethenny reads the Page Six story and becomes very quiet. Tinsley is drunk and can’t stop talking about shopping. How old were you the last time you played Truth or Dare?

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My inbox is just an endless scrolling of things that need my attention today, I still haven’t made it all the way through them. Ramona is having a party to show off her newly renovated apartment. Carole is thrilled because she “lives in a small apartment.” It is certainly not small by NYC standards. No one likes the cameras more than Bethenny and Fredrik. I still think this is an amazing moment in herstory and I am glad they are showing it. So when she tells Sonja her hair looks great, I mean. Nothing says I don’t like you like giving someone a scented candle. Much has been made, and by much I mean an article in People solely about this conversation between Tom and Missy. I don’t see how this is the negative thing that story made it out to be. I think anyone getting married at 50 would say it would be a change they are getting used to. Bethenny gives Tinsley some harsh advice about living with Sonja.

Lemonis — CEO of Camping World, America’s largest seller of RVs — is often up until A.

M., personally responding to the 150 emails he receives each hour.

I think everyone she does things like this to should refuse to film with her.

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