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I keep it short to just below the top of my neck and parted a bit off the middle.It is straight with a slight wave so it curves under and also ovals my face.I can feel the roughness of her kiss as she makes use of my mouth.Her left leather clad thigh pushes my legs apart as her arm tightens about my slender waist. I feel a spider-web of pleasure spread throughout my body starting from my pussy. I move my hands away from my sex and move to get out of bed.I hunched my shoulders together while lying on my left side facing away from him so I could press against the sides of my breasts.

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My hands came palms together and moved down in front of me so that they could press against my warm triangle.My lithe 5’ 3” frame grew tense as I was fully extended and my thighs were pulled together.I felt a tingle between my legs and I held my body still to let that sweet feeling penetrate further into me.This has only been happening to me now for a few weeks ever since I came across that web site ‘

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I had been daydreaming about being bound and used especially when taking a bath.

My mouth sucks inward as I imagine her tongue filling it and kind of assaulting it. I get up and get my house robe and go into the bathroom.

He has a fiancée named Jess -- he met her years ago, but they got engaged only recently.… continue reading »

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