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On the politico-strategic and military front, unconstrained by an alternative global bloc, imperialism under the dominance of the US felt it had the green light to assert its strategic agenda not just through economic and ideological power, but also the projection of aggressive military power.When, as South Africans, we finally achieved a non-racial, majority rule, democratic dispensation, there was a crushing neo-liberal global chorus trumpeting a single message - TINA - There is No Alternative!CST had a double reality: While white minority rule has been abolished, many of the structural underpinnings of this system remain in place and, in some respects, they have been aggravated.For all of these reasons, at the most general level, the SACP has argued that our National Democratic Revolution - and especially, a second radical phase of this revolution - has to be: It is the task of this Special National Congress to help sharpen this general strategic analysis of our conjuncture.Even more importantly, it is the task of this Congress to help provide a more detailed programme of action that reinforces this strategic perspective. What specific issues provide concrete inroads into radically transforming the systemic challenges we confront?What are the organizational tasks and priorities that will enable the SACP and the wider movement to address the strategic challenges?But this is not a cause for arrogance or complacency on our part - on the contrary, it places upon us, collectively, and not least upon this Special National Congress, an important challenge.

It is no accident that there are increasing complaints in the right-wing media about the growing influence of the SACP within government and within our Alliance.

What are the internal dangers across our movement that weaken our capacity?

What are the implications for electoral positioning, and for state transformation, of an anti-imperialist, anti-monopoly capital, national democratic struggle?

At this Special National Congress we are advancing the call for building the unity of the working class (in its widest Marxist sense - embracing the proletarianised and semi-proletarianised - the employed, the unemployed, the under-employed - all those who have been dispossessed of the basic means of survival, other than to sell their labour on a market with millions of willing sellers and, increasingly, fewer and fewer willing capitalist buyers).

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For this reason, we are also calling for building, in action, the unity of our communities - the sprawling townships, informal settlements, and rural villages of our country.

Part of the reason for the growth in Party membership is related to the current global realities.