Backdating companies dating past forty

16-May-2018 14:03

Also interesting is the fact that the overall claims satisfaction score tumbled for the first time in 5 years. 3/2/2016 A great example of our MN Insurance Commissioner's outstanding work.NAAFA has felt for a long time that insurance commissioners need to make insurance companies more accountable.

You might want to read the comments at the end of the article, too. 4/4/2017Following are several links to news releases that have come out regarding the recent jury decision in the Jammal v American Family class action trial.Well, many are drinking the Kool-Aid, of course, but it makes sense to be cautious.6/17/2016 In an environment where "If you fail, you are expected to excuse yourself from the conversation and drop any further ambitions….you're not expected to show your face again," it is no wonder the number of suicides is increasing.With the windfall received by the Company from terminating huge numbers of agents because of their lack of production, it's no wonder Am Fam can report a 'strong' 2015!

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3/3/2016 You might be interested to know that American Family ranked 11th in claims satisfaction ranking among the top 20 companies listed here.

See Message #12 10/10/2016 Of course, we're told this move is best for everybody….right? And the question still remains…how will it affect the agents' Termination Benefits?